Southern Charm with a Twist
John Folsom at Sarratt Gallery
By Adrienne Outlaw

Part “Blade Runner” and part deep-south mystic, John Folsom's photographs are like a land forgotten, cut up and
reimagined. His show, which opens at 5 pm today at Vanderbilt University Sarratt Gallery with a reception and
artist talk, includes seven archival prints that are both reminiscent and future forward. My favorite is “Summering
at the End of Empire,” (2011) which travelled here from a recent show the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art. If one
were to step into this piece, would they find the sublime or a dystopia? The lushness of the southern landscape,
with clumps of Spanish moss falling from hundred year old trees, with a straight dirt path leading to a magnificent,
if crumbling stone building, make one wonder, what happened here? Or what might happen here? The work is so
large – and I do mean large at close to 6’ x 8’ – looks almost like a billboard for an exotic destination, but Folsom
further deliciously complicates the idea by presenting the scene in 32 pieces. It’s almost like looking at an old
bank of televisions or a giant pixilated image. Meet Folsom at his gallery talk tonight at 5 pm, with a reception
following to 6:30.